Item #29711 December 1862 Union Soldier Letter written somewhere in Virginia. Civil War, Union Army, David Downs, 80th New York Infantry.
December 1862 Union Soldier Letter written somewhere in Virginia

December 1862 Union Soldier Letter written somewhere in Virginia

Somewhere in Virginia? n/a, 1862.

n/a. Letter. Paper. Approximately 9" x 75.". Folded. 3 pages of manuscript. Letter reads (with spelling not corrected) - December 22, 1862 H. B. Briggs: Dear Sir I take time to inform you that I am well and hope these lines will find you the same. As I have always taken you to be a friend to me and still hold the same confidence in you. And As I have many difficulties to incounter here and my wife continues writing to me about the affairs at home. She says the debts that I left her to pay was larger than she expected. She tells me that Cliger Bushnell wants five dollars that I ow'd him. But I thought That I paid all but 4 more dollars that morning I left. But perhaps I mistake and if so, I hope you will see to it for I want to pay him all I owe to him. I will write my wife about it. I have many difficulties to incounter here. Albert is sick. I have to take care of him besides all the labor that falls upon me. Besides I left Albert with the baggage wagons that day we cross the Rappahannock River. I was detailed to carry provisions upon the field, but we could not hold our ground. The rebels were too strong fortified. We had to retreat in the night. I hope you will write, Let me know what the prospects is for our country. You have the chance to be informed better than I do. I have to write upon my knapsak, so excuse it. respectfully yours David Downs. These 3 page letter includes the stamped envelope with stamp and Washington D.C. postmark. The envelope is addressed "Mr. H. B. Briggs Westville Green Co. Ny York." Soldier record included with letter indicated David Downs was 38 when enlisted 8/27/1862 at Lexington, NY as a Private. On 9/6/1862 he mustered into [Company] G Co. He was dishcharged on disability 3/16/1864. Good. Item #29711

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