Geneva Hygienic Institute, Geneva, New York. Geneva Hygienic Institute, Proprietor Dr. A. B. Smith.

Geneva Hygienic Institute, Geneva, New York

A Brochure Advertising the Institute. 2 copies. Geneva, New York: Geneva Hygienic Institute, n.d.

Brochure. Brochure. 2 copies. Folded 11" x 8" sheet of paper. 3 pages, [1] page blank. Illustration of the Institute on the front cover.
Brochures have been folded vertically and horizontally. A small ink stain page 3 on one of the copies. A small printed name on two very small thin pieces of paper ( "C. T. Mitchel, M.D.' and 'Mitchel') are covering over (presumably) another Doctor's name on page 3 for both copies. The brochure describes the Institute, 'Mode of Treatment', and 'Rates'. A. B. Smith, M.D. was in charge of the Medical Department and was assisted by Dr. C. T. Mitchel. Medical treatment was Homeopathic. No date listed for the brochure. Possibly published pre-Civil War Era based on the illustration. The Institute was founded by Dr. A. B. Smith and his brother Dr. Horace Smith in 1853. Very good. Item #23379

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