The Music of Nature. Loring B. M. D. Palmer.
The Music of Nature

The Music of Nature

1897 Commencement Oration. [Atlanta?]: 1897.

Manuscript. Manuscript. 9" x 6" blue lined paper. A commencement oration dated May 28, 1897. 12 pages of handwritten material with several corrections. The writing is very faint at times but legible. The pages are held together by one metal tack. The writer, in sermon like style, elaborates on the symbiotic relationship with God and nature. On page 3 - "There in the garden of Eden, while listening to the warbling of the birds, the babbling of the brooks and the sighing of the wind among the trees, his soul responded with pleasure and joy to the magical influence, the music of nature." On page 6 he states "What are the grandest compositions of Beethoven, the sublimest choruses of Mozart, the sweetest melodies of Liszt, compared to the thousand voices of nature, each different, but all blending into one exquisite harmony of praise and thanks giving to the Lord and maker of them all? What instrument of man can equal that composite instrument, that instrument of finest instruments, whose maker and builder is the Great Musician?" Mr. Palmer ends the address with this line "And the choirs that dwell on high shall re-echo through the sky." Good. Item #15786

Dr. Loring B. Palmer was a Medical Doctor in Atlanta. Born in Atlanta in 1875 he died in 1935 and is buried at Oakland Cemetery. His father was Fred Palmer. From Herman Mason, Jr. history of "Black Atlanta in the Roaring Twenties" Dr. Loring B. Palmer, son of Fred and Julia Palmer, had an interesting family history. His father was a white pharmacist at Jacob's Pharmacy who created a skin whitening cream. He fell in love with Julia, an African American woman, and created a stir in Atlanta, where interracial marriages were prohibited." The Lorings lived on Mitchell Street in Atlanta. Dr. Loring B. Palmer's father who died in 1919 was also a Confederate veteran.

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